Business Brains

First we set the scope of the project, decide how we will measure its success and agree a fixed price fee. We then set about gaining a deep understanding of the internal and external issues that will affect the project and how the company ticks. Working with the senior management we then devise a strategy that will deliver the solution. Once refined, we work to implement the new programme and deliver its forecasted benefits.

To date our expert intervention on a range of diverse projects has delivered a pleasing return on our clients' investment

By building a close and trusted relationship with the client’s executive team we are able to give a fresh outlook on the problem and where necessary we are not afraid to tell you the truth.

Our greatest strength is our ability to get under the skin of a business problem. Although not tied to any current fashionable methodology we do start all our projects by using our effective “Think First” model to give a structure to what follows. By using a combination of rigorous analysis and individual business knowledge we work to understand the business dynamics, challenging markets and changing business environments that SME’s face today.

How We Work

"Business Brains don't overcomplicate the solutions to business problems. We asked them to find a way of changing the way our sales operation operated and that's just what they did. It's now implemented and successful."

Managing and Sales Director
UK Manufacturing Company
Turnover £7.5m