Business Brains

As always, the easiest way to demonstrate how we are applying our brains and making a difference is to tell you how we have worked with others. Currently we are working on or have just completed projects that have included the following…

Developing and implementing a growth strategy for a European training business currently operating in the safety sector.
Turning over £5M this client needs to grow its market share in an increasingly crowded marketplace without threatening their current “best of breed” product sales. A new strategic five-year plan to develop the sales team, resolving their product offer and then implement a new customer communications plan has been part of invigorating the brand and attracting an investment group to fund an aggressive acquisition programme.

Proposition development, marketing strategy and organisational leadership development for a specialist MRO company working in the specialist-engineering sector.
This traditional business found after an MBO it needed to transform its product offer and the way it was sold. This company is typical of our clients in that they have no experienced resource to manage and develop the cost down programmes global manufacturing companies demand from their suppliers. Within a short time frame we have been able to recruit a team from within the company and are currently implementing the first long-term customer partnership agreement.

The implementation of a low contact sales and marketing strategy for a new product developed by a business software entrepreneur.
Technically advanced in his thinking but restrained by the necessity to operate a successful business supplying components to a portfolio of large manufacturing customers. This client had identified a new business opportunity but had no resource to follow the opportunity through. Having built and tested the software product our job was to research the market and in the short term develop and implement a low cost, low contact sales and communications strategy. In the longer term we are working to develop a sustainable route to market that does not require the time of the innovator but returns a reasonable profit.

Current Projects

"Our sales in Europe had ground to a halt due to our lack of knowledge of how products in our sector were distributed and the level of service that was expected. Within a month we were given the insight into how and which is allowing us to get and keep significant new contracts."

Sales Director
Construction Equipment Distributor
Turnover £9m